Opti-Coat PRO is a hard wearing, ceramic clear coating that provides superior scratch resistance, and permanent protection for all factory clear coats. Opti-Coat PRO is not a wax or nano sealant that will wash away, or break down over time with exposure to chemicals and the environment. Opti-Coat PRO bonds permanently with the factory clear coat, protecting the surface indefinitely and will not delaminate.
Opti-Coat PRO is only installed by Authorized Installers and is far superior to any dealership applied products. Trust Automotive Quality Solutions and Optimum Products Opti-Coat PRO to keep your car looking it's absolute best.

OPTIMUM Products Opti-Coat PRO

Opti-Coat PRO Benefits

  • Permanent Coating with a 5 year warranty
  • Low Maintenance – Never wax your car again!
  • Hydrophobic Coating – Sheds water easily
  • Harder Than Typical Clear Coat – Increased scratch resistance
  • Chemically Resistant – Cannot be removed by degreasers or harsh car wash soaps
  • Acid Resistance – Such as acidic bird droppings
  • Increased UV Protection
  • Permanent Gloss – Will not oxidize
  • Approximately 100 times thicker than any wax or sealant
  • Also Apply to Wheels – Protect from brake dust build up

OPTIMUM Opti-Coat Installation Process

During a thorough hand washing of all surfaces, a paint cleaner is used to remove any industrial fallout and rail dust which may have accumulated during shipping of a new vehicle. A chemical cleaning is effective at cleaning deep into the pores of the painted surface. The paint is then clayed to remove any remaining contaminants such as sap, bug residue, road film, etc. The clay remove any rough bumpy feeling on the paint, leaving a completely smooth and clean surface. A machine applied primer polish is then applied which will promote bonding, speed up cure time, increase gloss, and help to further clean the paint. Paint correction and scratch removal should occur before the primer polish and may incur additional time and cost to the Optimum Product installation. The OPTIMUM Opti-Coat PRO coating is then applied to all painted surfaces, hard plastic, headlights & taillights, chrome & aluminum trim. (At AQS, we take great care to use proper products and techniques to insure that no swirl marks, holograms, or buffer marks are introduced into the painted surface.)

AQS ELITE Opti-Coat Application on a Shelby GT500

OPTIMUM Opti-Coat Frequently Asked Questions

What is OPTIMUM Opti-Coat PRO?
Opti-Coat is not a wax or paint sealant that will degrade over short periods of time, or a paint protection product that requires a special “soft wash” or pH neutral shampoo to remain on the surface for any extended period of time. It is a permanent coating, very similar to your factory clear coat, only harder, and with higher resistance against scratching and etching. Opti-Coat PRO is significantly thicker. A single layer of Opti-Coat Pro measures approximately 2 microns in thickness, or 100 times thicker than a typical wax or paint sealant. What this means to your vehicle is that any damage inflicted on the surface is absorbed by Opti- Coat. This is particularly significant in relation to scratches and swirls in the paint work that inevitably build up over time. Not only will the Opti-Coat resist damage far better than factory finishes, but the coating itself can eventually be removed and reapplied. Protecting and preserving your factory clear coat, and restoring the vehicle to “better than new” condition.
Does Opti-Coat PRO come with a warranty?
Yes, Opti-Coat PRO is backed with a 5 year warranty by OPT.
What surfaces Opti-Coat PRO be applied to?

Opti-Coat PRO can be applied to the following surfaces:

  • Painted Surfaces
  • Headlights and taillights
  • Wheels
  • Hard plastic
  • Chrome and aluminum
How long does it take to apply Opti-Coat PRO?
This really depends on what shape the substrate surface is in prior to Opti-Coat PRO installation. On a new, factory fresh car Opti-Coat PRO takes a full day to apply. Surfaces that require buffing, compounding, or other paint correction will take longer.
How long does Opti-Coat PRO take to cure?

Opti-Coat PRO usually cures within the following guidelines:

  • Dry to the touch after 30 minutes
  • Ready for water exposure after one hour
  • Ready for hand washing after one week (with proper shampoo)
  • Chemically resistant after one to two weeks
  • Full hardness after approximately 30 – 60 days (dependent on temperature)
What instructions should I give to my dealership regarding the installation of Opti-Coat PRO on my new car?
Please instruct your dealership to remove the plastic on the vehicle so that you can visually inspect it. It is imperative that they not wash, wax, or polish the vehicle, or apply any type of dressings or tire shines. Any waxes or oils on the surface may impair Opti-Coat PRO from bonding properly.
Can Opti-Coat PRO be applied over paint protection film?
Yes, in fact it is recommended that Opti-Coat PRO be applied on top of paint protection film.
Can Opti-Coat PRO be applied to fresh paint?
Optimum recommends waiting at least 7 days before applying Opti-Coat PRO on fresh paint. However, this time period is ultimately determined by the body shop and the type of paint and application process they used.