OPTIMUM Coatings

Automotive Quality Solutions is proud to be one of the few authorized installers in Northern Virginia for Optimum Pro Coatings. Optimum Pro Coatings offer unrivaled protection and durability for interior and exterior surfaces of your vehicle. Whether it’s tree sap, bird droppings, spilled coffee, or brake dust, you can rest assured that your Optimum coating will have you protected for years to come. Optimum Pro Coatings will outperform ANY dealership applied products and are regarded as the best protection option by car enthusiasts around the world.

Opti-Coat PRO

Opti-Coat PRO offers increased scratch resistance and permanent protection for paint, wheels, hard plastic, chrome and aluminum trim.

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Opti-Guard PRO

Opti-Guard PRO is a series of coatings to provide long term protection to all interior surfaces including leather, vinyl, fabric, and upholstery.

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Opti-Glass PRO

Opti-Glass PRO provides a hydrophobic coating to glass to repel water, ice, snow, and even add increased resistance from chips.

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Opti-Trim is a series of synthetic coatings designed to permanently restore and/ or protect black plastic trim from fading due to UV exposure.

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OPTIMUM Gloss-Coat

OPTIMUM Gloss-Coat is a ceramic coating which can be used on paint, wheels, metal surfaces and even plastic trim for long term protection. The coating is resistant to detergents and harsh chemicals and produces a surface that is less prone to swirl marks and scratches. This intro coating is designed to last 2 years and is a great alternative for those looking for long term protection.

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OPTIMUM Gloss-Coat paint coating